Blogger Sponsorship

1. Requirements.

  • You’re a Singaporean and international beauty, fashion or lifestyle blogger who are willing to do product reviews on your blog or social media. 
  • Your social media accounts must have over organic 2,000 followers, and engaging fans. 

2. Post Your Blog Post within 7 Days. 

You should take photos of yourself and a short video using our products within 5-7 days after receiving the items, and post them to your blog, Instagram and/or Facebook. When you post the photos, please add a genuine review, and add an inbound link to our website –

4. Tag us in your social media post.

  • If you use Instagram, pls tag us @Kydauz
  • If you use Facebook Live video as a platform for your social media promotions, please tag #KydauzReviews.
  • If you use Instagram and/or Facebook as a platform, please tag @Kydauz and include our e-Store url –

5. Kydauz Pte. Ltd. may use your photos in promotional material.

We may collect photos and comments from your blog, or social media. We may repost it on our Instagram or Facebook. We may share your photos and reviews on our website. If you’re not comfortable in social media marketing and/or if you have privacy issues, please don’t sign-up, please don’t e-mail us to request for conditional application and please don’t e-mail us to request for free products. We only work with bloggers, and social media enthusiasts who are comfortable in promotional material and social media marketing.

Our application process is easy. :) When you’re ready to be part of this fun sponsorship, please email us your name, email, address, social media accounts and product you'd like to review to


Blogger application form:

Due to high volume of applicants we received each month, we will only select bloggers that have organic followers, positive image, and people who don’t engage themselves in hateful comments.

When you received our products, please make sure to add the inbound link of our website to your post (blog or social media). It is important to know that we have the right to use the information of your post, repost your photos on our social media and share your reviews on our website. Our social media reviews will not be deleted. If you do not agree or not comfortable in social media marketing, please do not sign-up in this marketing promotions.

Your personal information such shipping address, mobile number, and full-name will not be shared with any third party without your permission. We’ll only use your details for shipping. We don’t keep personal data of customers and product promoters in our company.

If you have any questions, please contact us.