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How does BodyBlendz work?
BodyBlendz is 100% pure and natural coffee scrub loaded with quality nourishing oils that your skin will love. Our scrubs specifically target cellulite, stretch marks, acne, eczema & psoriasis. Visit active Ingredients to find out more!
What is the Difference/Benefit of each scrub?
Our Sugar Daddy Scrub is highly moisturising and highly recommended for use on sensitive skin. It’s perfect for helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It aids in treating ingrown hairs, eczema & Keratosis Polaris (the little red spots on the back of your arms and legs), all whilst keeping your skin supple, firm and youthful. 
Our Coffee Scrub is packed with active ingredients like Caffeine & Sea Salt, which are perfect for targeting cellulite & stretch marks. It is suitable to treat acne, reduce redness and improve skin tone & texture. 
Our Coconut scrub is highly hydrating and great for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. The essential oils remove dead skin cells, clear away dirt, grime and remove make-up. It can also aid in shrinking wrinkles, preventing cellular ageing and protect against sun damage. 
Our Oats Scrub is perfect for relieving itchiness, rashes & dry flaky skin. It also increases the natural production of collagen, which aids in smoothing out stretch marks. The oats scrubs also target cellulite, stretch marks, acne, eczema & psoriasis.
How to use BodyBlendz scrubs?
Using our scrub is easy breezy! Jump in the shower. 
Wet your body for a good 2 minutes.
Turn off water completely.
Grab two handfuls of your yummy scrub and get scrubbing!
Apply your scrub using circular motions being sure to target problem areas. 
Once applied, leave it on your body for 5 to 10 minutes. 
Rinse well and enjoy your freshly exfoliated, smoother and glowing skin!
Please make sure after each use to seal the bag tightly to maintain freshness.
Who can use BodyBlendz?
Anyone who wants to have smooth, healthy, and supple skin can use our scrubs. For sensitive skin babes, our Sugar Daddy Scrub is highly recommended for all skin types, especially dry, flaky and sensitive skin. All ingredients are actually so pure and natural, that they are edible! Let's just stick to feeding your skin though :)
Does the scrub cause skin irritations?
99% of our users do not experience negative skin reactions when applying the scrub. However, we always recommend to do patch test 24 hours before using the scrub on your body. If you have sensitive skin and if irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.
When will i see the results?
Results can vary per person. Some people see results with just a week of usage.
How much Bodyblendz should I apply?
3 to 4 handfuls is perfect for your whole body, add a little more if you want to target specific areas.
How often do I have to scrub?
We recommend 2 to 3 scrubs a week is perfect to get that glowing, radiant skin you desire and to target stretch marks and cellulite. Make sure to leave the scrub on for 5 to 10 minutes each session for best results.
Is it safe to use the scrub when I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?
No, not while you're pregnant. Caffeine enters your pores to tone and firm. Post pregnancy usage is always recommended. Breastfeeding mothers must consult their physician first before using the coffee scrubs.
Are the scrubs nut free?
It is not. Our scrubs contain almond oil, so if you have a nut allergy then we recommend that you do not use our scrubs.
What is the shelf life of BodyBlendz?
BodyBlendz has a shelf life of 3 months and once opened it has a shelf life of 1 month. Make sure to keep your BodyBlendz sealed and dry in between uses. Keep it dry, out of your shower and wet areas, preferably in a cupboard out of direct sunlight. To remove any coffee grinds from the seal we recommend you try using a nail file or any thin object.
Does BodyBlendz tests on animals?
Most definitely NOT... Our products are only tested on human babes :)

FitDetoxTea and Thin Tea

Do FitDetoxTea and Thin Tea products have laxative effects?
No! Our products contain 100% natural, vegan and preservative-free ingredients which will not induce a laxative effect on your body or liver.
Do FitDetoxTea and Thin Tea products expire or go off?
Tea does not expire. However we advise that you consume your teatox packs within 12-24 months of opening.
Are your products natural and laxative free?
Yes! Our teatox packs are 100% natural, organic and laxative free! We pride ourselves on only using the best ingredients to help you lose weight and get fit!
When will I see results?
Results will vary with each person and body type/weight. Most people will notice results within 3-4 days of starting!
Can men use FitDetoxTea and Thin Tea too?
Yes! Our products are just as effective for men as they are for women!
Are there any side-effects from your products?
Our teatox packs are designed for everyone and are 100% natural, preservative and laxative free! We recommend you check the ingredients list on our product pages if you are worried you may be allergic to any of our organic ingredients!
Can I drink my Teatox cold?
Yes, you can! Simply boil your tea as per usual and then add ice or let it sit to cool down to make your own FitDetoxTea/Thin Tea Iced Tea.
What is the difference between Thin Tea and FitDetox Tea?
The difference are the ingredients in the products. They are different brands of the same concept!
Eating Plan for Thin Tea?

ThinTea Detox (14 Day)
ThinTea_Eating_Plan 2.pdf
Download Link: http://aus.thintea.com.au/a/downloads/-/c6d2a7ae1779546d/24af504f60103536

ThinTea Detox (28 Day)
ThinTea_Eating_Plan 2.pdf
Download Link: http://aus.thintea.com.au/a/downloads/-/e6ebcf17ca9bcc46/5c66c8165b23e9d7

ThinTea_Eating_Plan 2.pdf
Download Link: http://aus.thintea.com.au/a/downloads/-/57cc79f4acb1f8ad/88ad097008173bd0

Sleepy Slumber Tea
ThinTea_Eating_Plan 2.pdf
Download Link: http://aus.thintea.com.au/a/downloads/-/636bb9c5b47d9f34/f199747f0872fdfb

Carbon Coco

So what’s in Carbon Coco Original exactly?

 Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal—Ironically, this grimy stuff is super powerful in polishing and whitening teeth! 

 How about the ingredients of Carbon Coco Organic Pulling Oil?

 Organic coconut oil infused with spearmint essence… that’s it! No preservatives or artificial additives here!

What exactly is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling is an ancient ayudervic remedy that involves swishing Coconut Oil around one’s mouth for 5 to 15 minutes. This will dislodge and dissolve the bad bacteria and plaque, which are the culprits of cavities, unpleasant breath, teeth discolouration, and nasty gum diseases. It is also believed that bodily toxins are pulled out from the mouth through this process, leading to better skin, stronger immune system, and overall health.

How do I use the Carbon Coco Original? 

Dip a clean, wet toothbrush into the tub and brush your teeth in small, gentle circles for a couple of minutes. Try your best to keep your lips closed while brushing and spit carefully to avoid unnecessary splatters around your sink area. Rinse thoroughly and enjoy your brighter smile! 

How about the Carbon Coco Organic Pulling Oil?

 It is best to oil pull first thing in the morning, before you brush your teeth. Simply swish the contents of one individual pack around your mouth. If you’re an oil pulling newbie, you can start with five minutes and build your way up to 15. Make sure to spit the used oil in a garbage bin to avoid sink or toilet clogs.

 For solidified oil, simply warm the packet between your hands, or if you don’t mind chucking the solidified stuff in your mouth, it should be liquefied and swishing around in no time!

 How often should I use Carbon Coco Organic Pulling Oil?

 If this is your first, we suggest that you start with 14 days straight for best results.

After your initial detox, you can do it whenever you feel like you need a detox (tip: it’s great with hang overs!). Some enjoy the results so much that they use it for 14 days every month.

 How does Carbon Coco Organic Pulling Oil taste?

 Amazing. You wouldn’t mind letting it hang around in your mouth for sure!

Our team has tested different types of oils and various proportions of the spearmint essence to find the best blend that doesn’t have an overpowering coconut oil taste and just enough mint flavour to leave a fresh aftertaste in your mouth.

 Is it safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women?

 For sure! It’s all-natural and may even help keep your gums healthy throughout the hormonal roller coaster you’re going through. (And congratulations, btw!)



Claytox // An organic skin care company designed with simplicity in mind to detoxify your skin.

Our carefully hand-made curated whole ingredient blends -ethically sourced from Australia, free from preservatives and other unnecessary additives - are to nourish, repair and protect your skin leaving it smooth and hydrated. We create clean, self-care products with an stylish aesthetic based around integrity, health and well-being.

Maintaining a fascination with ingredients and how they relate to our bodies, we believe that our skin ceremony should be a therapeutic ritual where we can freely indulge and not have to worry that what we're putting on will do harm. We care about our future self and believe that we can help bridge the gap by providing conscious alternatives to our everyday routines without sacrificing the little things we love.

Our ClayTox products are locally sourced in Australia and of the highest grade. We want you to fall in love with your skin and be proud to show it off. We believe that you do not need to cover yourself in makeup to look pretty, and we want you to feel confident with just your bare skin. Our products are designed to purify and draw out the toxins in your skin to leave you with a glowing, smooth and detoxified face.

What are the benefits of the ClayTox Masks?

The powerful natural detoxifying action works instantly to restore balance and reduce discolouration, fine-lines, wrinkles and scars to create a glowing, even skin complexion. With our all natural ingredients mixed with coconut oil or water, it creates a negative charge and will;

  • Prevent and draw out blackheads
  • Reduce the appearance of scars
  • Even skin tone
  • Draw out external toxins
  • Heal and regenerate skin tissue
  • Unclog & shrink pores

How do I Use the ClayTox Mask?

    • Step 1 - Make sure you have 1 clay sachet. Cut along the top of the clay sachet and empty contents into the bowl provided.
    • Step 2 - Mix the clay and coconut oil/ water together with a wooden or plastic spoon. Do this until fully mixed together into a smooth paste.
    • Step 3 - Apply the mask to a clean, dry face. Use the back of the spoon to apply evenly, avoiding eyes, mouth and nostrils. Now wait 30 minutes for the mask to set.
    • Step 4 - Use warm water and a face cloth to remove the mask. Pat dry and admire your radiant skin.

You will feel a pulling and tightening of the skin as the mask begins to set.

How often should I use the ClayTox Mask?

We recommend using the ClayTox Mask 1-2 times per week for 15-20 minutes to start. Once your skin adjusts to the clay, up your usage to 3-4 times per week for up to 30 minutes. Do not leave on for longer than 30 minutes. All our other products can be used daily.

Are all ClayTox products vegan friendly?

All our products are vegan friends and are 100% cruelty free.