Sweet Citrus Facial Scrub

  • $ 26.00 SGD

Look in the mirror and say hello to your glowing face!

Embrace your face with our Sweet Citrus Facial Scrub! This is an essential product that belongs in everyone’s bathroom. If you’ve been itching for clear, smooth skin then say hello to our specially formulated facial scrub that you never knew you’ve been missing. Our Sweet Citrus Facial Scrub will target skin impurities to give you the beautifully balanced face that you were born with!  Did we say, it is a non-coffee based scrub?

If you’ve been itching for clear and smoother skin, say hello to our specially formulated Sweet Citrus Facial Scrub! This ‘coffee free’ facial scrub is a mixture of essential oils, antioxidants and Bamboo Powder that is perfect for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin.

Dead skin cells are gently scrubbed away, with no damage and micro tears, immediately affecting the skin to be soft, smooth and healthy.

Did we say that Sweet Citrus Facial scrub is microbead free?

Bamboo Powder

  • Exfoliates your skin and leaves it soft and smooth by gently scrubbing dead skin cells off it

Bergamot Oil

  • Deep cleanse that unclogs pores and balance oil production
  • Evens the appearance of skin blemishes, lines and wrinkles caused by sun damage

Orange Oil

  • Effectively fights free radicals off your skin while increasing blood circulation and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Apricot Oil

  • Penetrates your skin and eases the appearance of early signs of aging
  • Moisturizes and hydrates the skin

Lime Oil

  • Purifies and cleanses your skin, leaving it soft and smooth


How to use:

Take a generous amount of Sweet Citrus Facial Scrub and apply to cleansed skin using small circular motions. Resist temptation to scrub hard! Rinse with warm water.

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